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Summerville - Milledge

Year:  2021
Project Type:  Addition/Renovation

Location:  Summerville Historic District / Augusta, GA
Phase:  Permitting
Size:  1,067 SF Heated Addition / Heated Ground Floor Renovation 1,467 SF / Un-heated Covered Patio 352 SF
Services:  Schematic Design / Design Development / Construction Documents / Summerville Certificate of Appropriateness Application / Architectural Rendering

Project Description:

Image Designs got the privilege to work on a beautiful historic home in Augusta's Summerville Historic District.  We developed a rear addition that met the families modern needs while respecting the traditional formal spaces of the original home.  Included in this renovation and addition is a new kitchen, laundry, utility space, master bedroom, master bath, master closet, and a covered patio.  This project received a  Certificate of Appropriateness for the Summerville Historic District.

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